Vince Kelvin

Nov 8th and 9th. 2008Vince_files/Ulitimate%20pickup%20boot%20camp%20copy.jpg

  1. Bullet Voted Best Dating and Attraction Products at Australian PUA Awards!

  1. Bullet Voted Best Pickup Openers and Routines at Australian PUA Awards!

  1. Bullet Voted Hypnotist of the year by the National Hypnotism Institute!

  1. Bullet Recipient of the Anthony Robbin's "Leadership Award"!

  1. Bullet Professional Member of the National Speakers Association!



Here What Students Have to Say...

"Vince is so sincere
and dedicated to teaching – which is evident just by the way that he answers people’s questions. He has a way of pinpointing the REAL problem in your inner game. He can diagnose you in a heartbeat and goes straight to the source of the problem. Then he uses his disturbingly sharp skills to instantly reframe your AFC beliefs into a much more solid, learning frame.  

For example, there was one shy guy in the room who said he was afraid of looking like a fool when he approached girls during the day.  Vince asked him a series of questions, walking him through his own thought process. After he discovered the problem, Vince beautifully reframed the problem into an opportunity, hitting the nail right on the head in a way that resonated with everybody in the room, and we all started cheering and applauding.  After the seminar, I introduced myself to Vince and let him know that I wanted to sign up for his boot camp."

  1.                                                                                                                         - Utsab Saha, San Francisco 


" Vince is amazing, in terms of knowledge and experience, everything from NLP to improvisation, to developing a life style and identity. Best of all, Vince genuinely care about his student’s personal growth. He personally follows up and provides a direct contact number for you to get in touch with him."

 - Hue T. Orange County


"Vince's ideas are extremely practical and so innovative! As a coach, he will help you with your social skills, critical thinking, and improvement in ALL areas of your life."

  1.                                                                                                                                                                                     - Joe N. Business Consultant

European born and now L.A. based Vince Kelvin is the author of "The Same Night Sex System"  ( ) and creator of "Integrated Game (TM)", a very unique approach that  combines natural improvisational flow with extremely potent structured skills to generate maximum sexual conductivity. His wild journey to wisdom with women started in the early 90s. He's the owner of Seduction Coaching (, one of the initial companies in the community, with clients in over 32 countries. In the past two decades, he has conducted over 17000 hours of one-one-one sessions and has addressed over 2500 audiences worldwide.

Vince brings you a very genuine, practical, and simple approach to a truly fulfilling and fun social, sex, and love life! The missing link between "Maybe..." and "Make-outs!", "Let's be friends..." and "Let's F@*K NOW!!!", LOL! He and his wife Amy are the founders of the Original PUA World Summit and Awards held yearly in Hollywood CA (