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Question: Do you think that the hottest women you most sexually desire want YOU the same way too?

Problem: We only get the women we think we can get! You want 10s, but do you think 10s want YOU?

Solution: The "FINALLY REVEALED" system to BED 10s the SAME NIGHT you meet them! Here's how...

 “NEW: The Never Before Revealed Formula For Getting the HOTTEST, Most Luscious “9 and 10” Women Into Bed the VERY SAME NIGHT You Meet Them...

...and Enjoy Wild, Juicy, Crazy, Hot Naughty Sex That Will Leave All of the Other Guys Wondering ‘How Did He DO That?’ and You In the Bed (or STALL!) On Top of Your Sex Kitten On Cloud Nine – (Or Sixty-Nine! LOL!)”

Did I Also Mention You Can Accomplish This the VERY SAME NIGHT You Meet Her?

If You Want to Learn the TOTALLY NEW and UNIQUE Method of Acquiring the SEXIEST Women and Get Them Into Your Bed The SAME NIGHT You Meet Them – Then Read This Letter.

In Fact, TAPE IT TO YOUR WALL and Read it Daily (Just Take it Down Before You Bring Home the Hottie Tonight! LOL)...

Dear Horny Guy Who Wants to Bed Super Hot Women TONIGHT,

Let’s imagine something.

Imagine it’s Friday night and you are about to go out. Your friends are tagging along, busy hyping themselves up, wanting to meet hotties just like you do.

For most guys, getting laid is “getting lucky.” It’s just wishful thinking, a fantasy, a game of luck if they even get a phone number.

And you know what? Because they think it’s wishful thinking, that’s often how it turns out! Wishful thinking turns into wishful spanking the monkey!

Corny jokes aside, let’s get back to your story.

They are all wishing for the result, hoping to “get lucky”.

But You? You are DIFFERENT.

You KNOW what you want. You KNOW how you are going to get it…

And you are going to get laid tonight.

You all get to the club, find a seat, and sit down.

Scratch that – your FRIENDS do that. You immediately scan the area and see the target you are going to get laid with.

With no hesitation whatsoever, you spring into action and disappear for a little while away from your friends.

A short time later, to your friend’s utter surprise, you walk up to them with a SMOKING HOT 10 on your arm.

She is a goddess. She’s like a pinup model come to life. Large, gorgeous, bouncing breasts tightly bound in a skimpy excuse for a piece of clothing, a firm waistline that flares out into buttocks seemingly carved from stone, and a face of flawless, exotic classic beauty…

She is a solid 10. 11, if that’s possible. And all of the guys want her, and even many of the women! LOL

And now, she’s on YOUR arm, READY and WILLING to get into bed with you. She is actually frustrated because she wants you so badly and you’re teasing her by delaying it all.

The looks on their faces are priceless. They look like they just got a tax return saying they owe $100,000 to Uncle Sam… from Kim Kardashian, who starts dancing on top of the table during an alien invasion.

Priceless. They simply can’t fuckin’ believe it.

Their eyes are glued to the prize on your arm as you smile with pride.

You whisper something to your lady. She giggles and you escape to a stall in the ladies room where – well, lots of naughty things happen...

P.S. When this happens to you, make sure nobody else is in the damned bathroom when you are finished! You don’t want security kicking you out when they discover you’ve been banging the hottest girl in the club in the ladies room! LOL

Does this tale sound unbelievable? Does it sound like something that happens only in fantasy?

Does it sound like something that “only happens to others guys, and not me?”

Or maybe it sounds like something you read about in those “field reports” you sometimes see in online “seduction groups” by the guys who already get laid a lot, but something that makes you think “If ONLY I could have that happen to me…”

Whatever your case may be, even if you have NEVER even been LAID before, you can ABSOLUTELY get laid with superhot women… starting TONIGHT.


Before I tell you exactly how to do this easily, quickly, automatically every single time you go out, here’s a small truth:

There are literally THOUSANDS of women out tonight who are EAGER, WILLING and READY to give you the hottest, most mind-blowing sex imaginable…
And they are all equally EAGER, WILLING and READY to do it with you THIS VERY NIGHT... WITH YOU!

Can you imagine that? Right now, there is a hottie out there putting on her makeup JUST FOR YOU. She WANTS you to be with her tonight.

And guess what – there is another woman, putting on that “fuck me” pair of heels – getting ready JUST FOR YOU.

By now, you may be thinking “yeah right. Come on… there are so many women out there who are looking at other guys and are probably going to go home with THEM.”
Guess what? The ONLY payoff of the above kind of thinking is YOU GET NO RESULTS and they in fact go home with the other guy!

This “reason” is the reason why you don’t get results!

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Now, don’t be alarmed or offended here. My job is to best assist you in liberating what was formerly holding you back, so you can enjoy the hot fun that comes with hot babes with ease, fun, and at the level of seduction mastery.

So HOW do you get to the place where you can effortlessly walk into a bar, club, hotel lobby, casino (or anywhere there are tons of hot women) and BED THEM THE SAME NIGHT?

I’m going to show you how you can overcome this using a TRULY unique and totally NEW method that will kick your game from the “fly on the wall in a club” to ‘that guy who gets the woman’.

You know the kind of guy– the natural, the one who always knows what to say to a woman, knows how to lead her – the guy EVERY woman wants.

The kind of guy who  gets the bed-creaking, back scratching, spread-eagled shrieking sex with ridiculously hot women that he deserves EVERY NIGHT HE GOES OUT!
Okay, so what’s the big secret? How can you get the hottest women in bed the same night you’ve met them?

How do you become the man all the hottest women want to fuck?

What method do you NEED to acquire in order to spot the “easy” ones – the sluts who are totally into you, want to grab you by the balls and lead you to the nearest parking lot to screw your brains out??

The answer is simple and is the result of literally YEARS of REAL IN-FIELD EXPERIENCE (not just typing up newsletters with what you HOPE works) and coaching thousands of people worldwide in the ultimate seduction techniques.

You will learn:

  • The 4 Golden Steps to Plentiful “Same Night Sex” Pussy Palace! Once you have these mastered, there is absolutely NO stopping you.

You know what? Instead of giving you some brief overview, I’m going to break format and just tell you what they are… but keep in mind that there is a TREMENDOUS amount of detail waiting for you beyond the simplicity of the 4 steps. Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Developing a Super-charged Foundation – every palace has a solid foundation, and yours will be as solid as your cock ramming in and out of that lingerie model!

    EMBRACE the essential attitudes (more described below) required of any master seducer. This is your GAME, and it can SKYROCKET much sooner than you believe using these techniques.
  • Electrifying Your Mindset – Every super-succesful foundation has a matching MINDSET to compliment it. Without proper mindset, you may as well be sitting at home on the internet dating your hand!

    I show you the POWER PACKED frames and electrified points of power that will send flocks of women your way AUTOMATICALLY.

    (Side note: my students tell me by using these techniques they actually have women APPROACHING THEM, EFFORTLESSLY – wouldn’t it be cool to learn how to do that?! OF COURSE! Maybe I should offer this portion separately… hm…)

  • Mega-Mastery Mechanics to Make Her Moan – here are the SPECIFIC ACTION STEPS you take and how to anticipate what to do to get you closer to banging her… hours or even MINUTES from now!

    Ever wonder where to go to meet the women? You’ll be surprised at the types of places I recommend (not bars or clubs!).
  • Mysterious and Magnetic Manifestation – Okay, admittedly, this gets a little New Agey, but listen – I only give you what ABSOLUTELY WORKS.

    Have you noticed that seducers – the REALLY good ones – have a kind of GLOW about them? It’s like a general feeling of well-being, fun and ENERGY. You want to hang out with them and know what they know. They charm everyone they meet and are just comfortable in their own skin.

    How do they get this “ENERGY”? Is it something you can really LEARN?

    ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY. By applying the 4th “Golden” step – Manifestation, you’re going to learn in incredible detail how to get that “VIBE” all wannabe seducers want to cultivate… and get it NOW.

“Okay, Vince, I get it! My mouth I’m drooling more than Paris Hilton in the Locker Room of an LA Lakers game! What are you offering me? What do I GET?”

Here it is – the never before released, TOTALLY new, field-tested program:

The Same Night Sex System – Easily Get Laid TONITE With Women You Just Met!

Are you ready to put a SWIFT end your sexual starvation?

Are you ready for near INSTANT SEDUCTION results?

This system will show you exactly how to create attraction, arouse her sexually and BED her, all in the same night, easily and automatically.

Listen, I could pepper you with all kinds of benefits, stories, and persuasive language as to why you should just go to the bottom of the page and order now, but I realize your time is valuable.

Instead of bombarding you with endless pages of “salescopy”, I’m going to give you more of a peek of what these audio CDs contain.

Let’s take one of the crucial aspects from above – MINDSET. In addition to everything you read above – which is just the tip of the iceberg, you will also learn:

The Same Night Sex Master Seducer Killer Mindset – DETAILED Breakdown:

  • The 4 Critical Responses You Can Get From Women, How to Master Them, and Avoid the Blunders Nearly All of the Other Guys Make. Don’t make the same mistakes almost 99.7% of the guys out there make when first talking to a woman.

  • The “Power Assumptions” EVERY Master Seducer Has When Dominating the “One Night Stand” Scene – you absolutely NEED these Atomic Bomb level distinctions. They will literally make you feel like a new man and get her ridiculously hot to be with you NOW.

  • How to Instantly Adopt the “I’m Going to Get Laid TONIGHT” Mindset Using a Physical Prop. Yes, there is something out there that is very common you can use to condition your mind for nearly instant success in the field. You’ll laugh at how simple it is.

  • Why Objections Are Something You Should Look Forward to and EXACTLY How to Handle Them. Ever hear “I wanna fuck you, but I don’t wanna be a SLUT!” Even if you haven’t, YOU WILL once your game increases from using the unique methods the system has… AND… you’ll know PRECISELY how to handle them as if the objections never EXISTED.

  • Seduction Gold Nuggets – mindsets, techniques, and word for word transcriptions of what you can say RIGHT NOW to a woman to get her hot and bothered.

…and SO much more than is listed here. You will be blown away, I guarantee it. I could fill up three pages with the BENEFITS alone of the mindset portion of SNS, nevermind the actual practical application.
Here is what else you get, divided into individual tracks on CD 1:

  • Sexual Screening – Picking the juiciest, most responsive target who wants it NOW!
  • How to Sexually Qualify and Open From the Start – WORD for WORD transcriptions and openers you can use TONITE to get her laughing, entranced and thrilled by you.
  • Creating Overwhelming Sexual TENSION In Your Target (this alone will give you unfair advantage over the rest of the “wannabes” out there!)
  • The Zen-Like Balance of Being Forward and Laid Back – an attitude EVERY Same Night Sex Master has adopted.
  • Introducing The Hottest (and Most Unintrusive) Sexual and Sub-Sexual Themes Without Apology – those captivating topics that keep you out of the “just another guy” realm and catapult you into the nearest bed with her! (LOL, can you imagine that? IT’S POSSIBLE! Bring your catapult!)

By the way – nothing happens without ACTION, no matter how good the info is! Can you read a car manual and then know how to drive a car? Of course not!

This is why I’ve included over HALF A DOZEN EXERCISE TRACKS in ADDITION to the above that spring you into EXPLOSIVE action right as you are listening to them.

This is a unique approach I have yet to see done by anyone else. It’s like having me there holding your hand as you master the skills.

You saw it here first! 

Listen… there are 9 more tracks on CD 1 alone… and each track is simply GOLD. I said I wouldn’t pepper you with a long-assed salesletter, but I couldn’t help it.

I’ve found that enthusiasm about something TRULY unique is what makes the biggest difference in people’s lives.

And here’s the mindblowing part…

Everything you have read up to now is on ONE CD!

There are 2 more CDs PACKED with seduction wisdom, know-how and PRACTICAL, GOAL-GETTING INFO. Learning this stuff will save you YEARS of frustration, struggle… and lube (LOL)

Here are some of the contents from these CDs:

  • How to Unchain Her WILD SIDE – (Have you ever seen a shy girl leave her friends and end up screaming buck naked underneath you in the dark part of a hotel parking lot???)
  • From Instant Arousal to Naughty Action – the simple and DARING steps that get her totally juiced and READY to be your next adventure.
  • When to SHUT YOUR MOUTH and TAKE Her the Way She Wants to Be Taken
  • Embracing Captivating and Empowering Sexual Command With Ease – Be her sexual “Capitan!”
  • Practical Logistics – Where, How, When to Do It All
  • “FUCK ME NOW!” The three magic words you want to hear as much as she wants to say them to you – and HOW to get her to say them.
  • Becoming the Hero of Your Own Romance Novel
  • How to Get Her to Think and QUICKLY Act On “FUCK IT! I Want This NOW!”
  • Super Electric Sexual Conductivity – Using Fun, Games and Roleplaying to Escalate Her Desire For You

This is just a small sampling. There is so much more on the 3 total CDs.
Actually, scratch that – there aren’t 3 CDs...

I want to make sure you get the BEST value that can possibly be given to you. I realize you’ll want to know EVERYTHING you can on how to master the skill of Same Night Sex with the hotties you ultimately desire. So with that said…


BONUS CD: SEX APPEAL STRENGTHENING ™ MEDITATION – get into that “Zen” state we talked about earlier, and surrender yourself to the inner seducer just waiting to emerge. It takes BALANCE in ALL regards in order to be successful in any field. Using this bonus CD will accelerate your results so you can be enjoying your NEW life THIS WEEK.

Value:$19.95 – Yours – *FREE*.

BONUS GIFT CD ACTION PLAN TO MAKE IT HAPPEN: I believe that what you give out comes back to you 3-fold. This audio CD is a gift – the result of years of effort, struggle – and MASSIVE success. Cut short your learning curve, take the ACTION today, and get results MUCH FASTER than you think. This CD will guide you through the step-by-step action steps and strategies you can use RIGHT NOW (not in a week or 30 days from now). My gift to you.

Value:$19.95 – Yours – *FREE*.

You get the entire course - the 3 CDs, plus 2 bonus CDs, PLUS 2 special conference call downloads and a 50% discount on any product code you purchase in the future for only $129.

Imagine the kind of success, fulfillment and thrill you will feel when you can walk into a hotel lobby or casino, start chatting with that “10”, take her back to your room moments later and SCREW EACH OTHERS BRAINS OUT.

This isn’t fantasy, untested “armchair expert” kinds of knowledge. This is highly practical, no-nonsense “getting down to brass tacks” type of seduction material. You can literally start using the methods and refined techniques after work TODAY.

What would it be worth to you to be able to have this happen now?

How would you like to accomplish this effortless way to “plenty quality pussy” in the course of a few hours?

Then you owe it to yourself to finally get a hold of this adventure in your life.

Last thing – I can’t guarantee that the price will stay the same here...

This isn’t a marketing tactic, it’s just the reality of business.

I’m VERY tempted to sell some of the CDs separately at higher prices. But I realize the financial sacrifice I may be making by offering them to you so low in price is worth the value and testimonials I receive about them. My sacrifice is YOUR gain.

Order now – you will be thrilled – and so will SHE!


Your Friend and Mentor,

Vince Kelvin

P.S. If you want the kind of crazy, wild, “no-holds barred” sex with the types of women most guys drool over in Maxim magazine, and you want it THE SAME NIGHT YOU MEET THEM, then you absolutely NEED to get this course.

P.P.S. – This is our first printing and quantities are LIMITED. Get yours before someone else starts using the techniques to bang the women YOU want!

P.P.P.S. – I may decide to sell the BONUS and GIFT CDs separately soon – you will get them FREE today when you ORDER NOW!

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Larry D. - Hypnotherapist

"Not getting this course could be a costly mistake for anyone who wants to significantly improve their 'game' - although it is MUCH more than that. This is about personal reinvention."

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Option 1: Book Only

Your copy of the book - PLUS...

  • A Special Download of a Super-Charged Conference Call - FREE
  • 50% Off ANY Other Program Code

All for only $24.99


Option 2:The COMPLETE SNS Home Study Course - 5 Audio CD Set

Your 5 CD Set Home Study Course PLUS...

  • TWO Special Conference Call Downloads - FREE
  • 50% Off ANY Other Program Code!

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Option 1: Book Only

Your copy of the book - PLUS...

  • A Special Download of a Super-Charged Conference Call - FREE
  • 50% Off ANY Other Program Code

All for only $24.99

Option 2:The COMPLETE SNS Home Study Course - 5 Audio CD Set

Your 5 CD Set Home Study Course PLUS...

  • TWO Special Conference Call Downloads - FREE
  • 50% Off ANY Other Program Code!

Get It NOW For Only $129