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"Each month I give only the newest and best ideas that I've personally tested in the field! Then I customize based on what YOU WANT, and make sure I go beyond answering your questions, that we get you to DRILL and PRACTICE the answers so you can confidently use my assistance RIGHT AWAY! It's a very unique format, a service to all of our clients and the community, to make sure you get all the visual and hands on assistance you need, without having to pay the big bucks for it, as it's nearly FREE! So come meet and practice with us!"

- Vince

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  1. * Dress for Success

  2. *Seduction in Clubs, Bars, and Social Settings

  3. *Secrets of Hypnotic Patterning to Pickup Hotties

  4. *How to Make Out by the Second Meeting

  5. *Seducing Strippers and Wilder Women

  6. *When the Seducer and PUA Goes Into an LTR


Special "DAY GAME DESIGN" Drill Class!!!

Saturday June 5th, 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm!

$15 at the door or $10 when you pre-register! 

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Come Let Vince Kelvin's Help You With His Revolutionary System to Rapidly Pickup Women in Any Everyday Setting!!!

How often do you go about your day, and let tons of beautiful women just pass you by??? NO MORE!!! With Vince's very unique approach to Day Game, you'll find yourself naturally opening and closing women everywhere, from elevators and cross-walks, to parking lots and malls, even in traffic!

In this full value 3 hours workshop, you'll learn how to:

  1. Bullet Get women who are walking to stop, stay and want more!

  2. Bullet How to naturally improvise observational and opinion openers on the spot!

  3. Bullet How to go beyond conversation, into FASCINATION, with day game cold readings and demos!

  4. Bullet Super Smooth Kino, Compliance and Kissing escalation in broad day light!!!

  5. Bullet Get solid phone numbers and have them text you within minutes from interaction!

Plus dozens of Vince's wildest openers and routines, and Q&A on any aspect of your game!

If you've never seen Vince in action, check out this youtube clip of live in field number closing at a recent L.A. Bootcamp:

  1. -See IT Done by Watching Vince's Youtube Clips: 

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Whether it's not knowing what to say, the friend trying to pull her away, your own anxiety, or her non-availability, whatever for you seems to come in the way, what if the solution is not to TRY to FIX these problems, but to actually EMBRACE and USE them to your own advantage? 

Perhaps we need to STOP aiming at being supermen trying to go for perfect "a to z" pickups, seeking to get ideal answers, and hoping that nothing comes in the way! Maybe it's time instead to start to  realize that it's highly likely that you'll feel a bit nervous, it's more than probable that many of them wont be available, and it's almost guaranteed that even if you do it all right from the start, whether it will be that she has to go, or that she doesn't call as soon as expected, something will eventually come in the way! BUT... what matters is to know that you can still DO VERY WELL regardless! That's where the opportunity is, and what true game is about, because it's real, honest, and aligned with what tends to naturally happen!!!

SO IF YOU'RE READY TO  REALLY REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR INNER AND OUTER REALITY WITH WOMEN, and go for a much more grounded, practical, and realistic system that will bring you success much sooner, then...

Vince will help you to get your ASSumptions out of the way, and assist you to uncover and heal the CORE CAUSE to any INNER and OUTER GAME issues you may have had!


How to play with whatever women say, and more freely, intelligently, & effectively move forward fast!

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Whatever steps you wish you would take more easily, this truly simple yet profound new approach will help you to right away...

  1. Bullet See women's responses in a whole new light and turn their excuses into the perfect opportunity to touch,

    kiss, and find a reason to hang out again, or do more right there and then!

  1. Bullet Use what other guys would think is rejection to generate true core attraction and take your interactions

    much further much faster and feel good about yourself regardless!

  1. Bullet Redirect any resistance and let what you use to think was "the end" be "the beginning", as you learn how

    to sustain a truly attractive behavior despite of what they may do or not!

Plus dozens of DRILLS AND DEMOS, Q and As, and over $1000 of give-aways!

15 at the door or $10 when you pre-register! Click here to join for just $10

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And on July 3rd:

What if what you most fear women may do is exactly what you need to get what you want? 

What if everything you've been trying to avoid is actually there for you to freely move forward?

What We'll Drill on...June 5th