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Often times as men, unlike women who more freely ask for help, we tend to try to do it all on our own! But the struggle, sweat, and tears are not worth the stubbornness and insanity of hoping that it's just going to get better if you try harder. The solution is simple and will spare you years of trial and error! Private coaching and mentoring will save you so much time! Every great athlete and talented artist out there recognizes the power to maximize your potential by getting the appropriate guidance that years of experience can bring you. As your coach, I won't do it for you (although I will be happy to demonstrate for you), but I'll be like an extra set of eyes, highly trained eyes that will help you to pin-point WHAT EXACTLY MUST CHANGE, HOW SPECIFICALLY IT MUST CHANGE, and WHAT PRECISELY YOU CAN START TO DO TO CHANGE IT. I'll also help you to capitalize on your strengths and discover talents and qualities you didn't even know you had.

I have been doing this for over 20 years now, and way before the pickup community even existed, I've coached companies and individual in pretty much every aspect of life and possible problems that may arise. And THIS is the experience you want. It's one thing for someone to be good with women, but if that's all they have to offer, then YOU'LL be the one who will have to do the translation, and explanations, and create the deeper transformation that only highly trained experts in the field of personal change and inner work are actually capable of doing.

Now I am not the bragging type, life has taught me a sufficient amount of humility not to just be boasting about my services, YET I humbly have to admit, that the same way all of use have our own specialty, as much as I don't claim to have all the answers, I must say that when it comes to true coaching in the pickup community, no one else has the years, resources, and dedication that you are going to find here. Anyway, I am happy to chat more with on obligation whatsoever about what plan and program will best suite your needs (call me on my cell (323) 309-3219, and meanwhile here to help you get started, a basic overview of your options:

Frequency and Immersion: While some prefer to work it through time, which gives you the benefit of accountability being able to report to me about any issue, question or request that may have come up in between sessions, others want it as soon and as much as possible and opt for an intensive one shot experience. I tend to encourage working through time, but i am open to do it in one shot too.

Inner and Outer Game: So much can be addressed during your private session at both the inner and game game level. From restructuring the core of your thinking, to reviewing your interaction to insert and drill the next steps you can take in such situation, all the way to having me wing you and demonstrate to you live, we can even focus on any other aspect of your life. For now two decades I've coached companies and individual alike in all the major areas of life that will also impact your success with women. Communication, time efficiency, self-esteem, relaxation, habits and state management, dealing with depression and addiction, you name it, simply ask for it. Or simply keep it to 100% pure game coaching, the choice is yours, the resources are here.

Phone or In Person: Both phone or in person are available and each one had it's own pluses and works very well. I've coached clients in 32 countries, using phone or skype, and each year, some will also travel as far as Europe and Australia to come work one-on-one with me. There's even the option to combine and do a few on the phone a few in person.

Bonus Hypnotic Recordings: One of my specialties is the ability to put together a trance (relaxation process combined with suggestions) together on the spot. You'll love the benefits of such deeply customized work. From the moment you start to explain to me what you most want to improve, I pay attention to the deeper structure of your patterns of thinking so when doing the recording as you are there or while you are on the phone, it's potency is drastically increased since it is as if you hear it in "your own language" that your mind can respond to. It's a plus that many clients so love, they ask to do one each session.

Bonus Preparation Gift With Any Session Package! Receive the V.I.P. Coaching 3 CD Kit (a value of $50) for FREE to help your prepare to maximize our work together! Even includes a special relaxation CD in which you will envision yourself making even greater progress than the best you can imagine right now! JUST AS IF YOU WERE THERE, it will help you begin to SEE, FEEL, TOUCH, HEAR, AND FULLY EMBRACE AND EXPERIENCE YOUR ABILITY TO MAKE lots of progress real fast!

3 Simple Steps to Get Started!

Once you picked the package you want and register for it (see below):

1. Email me a detailed overview of:

- The progress you want to make!

- Your personal history with women!

- Your day to day lifestyle!

2. Pick what time and day 

- Few options so we can synchronize

3. Start Listening to your V.I.P. Coaching Kit

- As you'll learn on it, come to first session with clear outcome.

  1. -Use guided visualization every night.

Coaching Package Options:

Sessions can be used as you please, 1 per week is recommended, yet you can use them through time. Sessions are non-refundable but exchangeable for products or seminars.

- Half a day private bootcamp or inner game work (4 hours): $450 Click Here to Book

- Full day private bootcamp or inner game work (8 hours): $750 (Includes hand out and CD). You save $100! Click Here to Book

  1. -1 "Quick Fix" Session (1 hours and a half) good if you have just one specific question you need help with, or want to do well on specific

  2. situation: $150, Click Here to Book

- 4 Hours of Sessions: $450. You save $150! Click Here to Book

- 8 Hours of Sessions (includes Power Pickup CD series normally $199): $750. You save $649! Click Here to Book

- 12 Hours of Sessions  (includes Power Pickup CD series normally $199): $1100. You save $899! Click Here to Book

  1. -6 Month of Weekly Coaching (includes Power Pickup CD series plus two other programs of your choice): $1900. You save $2100! 

  2. Click Here to Book

- Exclusive 1 Year of Weekly Private Coaching (Includes entire library normally over $900: $3475. You save 3734! Click Here to Book


  1. Bullet Entire Library (normally over $900)!

  2. Bullet Whole year of on-one-one private weekly sessions (Normally $3475)!

  3. Bullet 1 year V.I.P. program, Admission to every event for whole year (Normally $2199)!

Entire year, coaching and library, ALL for just $4775!!!



"Vince has a way of pinpointing the REAL problem in your inner game. He can diagnose you in a heartbeat and goes straight to the source of the problem. Then he uses his disturbingly sharp skills to instantly reframe your AFC beliefs into a much more solid, learning frame."

                                                                                                                                                                                        - Hutsab San Francisco 

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Vince’s Power Pickup CD Series &  The Pickup Artist’s Toll Kit Series!


Vince’s Power Pickup CD Series &  The Pickup Artist’s Toll Kit Series!