"By the end of the weekend, I had done at least 100 to 150 cold  


                                                                                                                                              - Uthsab

                                       "Amazing! The input you get infield is priceless!"  


  2.                                                                                                                                                         - Blake A.

"Bootcamp was extremely personal! Vince works with each participant to address individual issues and sticking point!"  


                                                                                                                                                                  - Hue T.

                                                        "I even insta-dated at his bootcamp!"

                                                                                                            - Suey,

Nov 8th and 9th. 2008Bootcamps_files/Ulitimate%20pickup%20boot%20camp%20copy.jpg

Secret Chakra System for Seduction! 

Sat. July 31st, 1pm to 6:30pm, Los Angeles

Pickup Academy

July 12th-18th 2010

1 Day "DAYGAME DESIGN” Bootcamp!

San Francisco: Sunday August 15th

San Diego: Sunday August 29th

West-side PUAs Monthly Pickup Mastery Meetings!

Saturday June 5th, 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm!

Join the West-side PUAs Monthly Pickup Mastery Meetings!
Vince's Private V.I.P. Lair! Meets Every 1st Saturday of the Month, 3:30 to 6:30 pm!

Get first hand coaching from Vince and his team of trainers! Meets Monthly in Marina Del Rey, CA! America's only lair run directly by a world expert! Brand new material, and in field footage shared and reviewed each month! It's like getting one-on-one coaching! Brand new hand out each time. Open to all, but space is limited, and RSVP required!

Register now...

Special "DAY GAME DESIGN" Drill Class!!!

Saturday June 5th, 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm!

Read more...http://www.1shoppingcart.com/SecureCart/SecureCart.aspx?mid=0DF4769E-2EFC-4A75-BDD2-53EDFBA54D6A&pid=28f7620d581cb5f033cc3d47e27a703aLair.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1
Pickup Academy
July 12th-18th 2010

Located in Beautiful “Babe Packed” Sunny Santa Monica California!

Experience a complete MANHOOD MAKE-OVER!

Your Whole Week of Training with Vince Includes:

Daily morning “Inner Game Mastery Session”, at the beach!
Embodying the “Four Vibes and Archetypes” of the “Multi-Dimensional Man!
Daily one hour delivery and “Improvisation Drills!”  
Bonus private “Image Make-Over “ consultation, and fitness evaluation! 
And fun time by the “Babe Packed” pool and jacuzzi, and ocean. Including a special “Social Circle” barbecue and pool party for which you’ll get to invite all the girls you’ll have met during the  week!

Read More...PU_Academy.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0
Secret Chakra System for Seduction! 
Sat. July 31st, 1pm to 6:30pm, Los Angeles

For Inner Game, Cold Readings, and Devious Demos!

Because chicks just love all that "energy stuff", as you start to master this most unique approach to this ancient system, not only you'll have  women's jaws drop at the accuracy of your cold reads, and will even be able to condition them to come on command, you'll also be able to super rapidly clear your own energy and readjust your vibe right away when needed in the field!

This Secret Chakra System Class Will Serve You to Learn...

The Chakra Trance Clearing Process to Erase ANY Residue 
of Approach Anxiety!
The Instant "In Field" State Shifting Technique to Bounce Back
 When Shutting Down!
How Each Chakra Corresponds To The 7 Steps Women Need to Follow Through
* The Devious Chakra Patterns and The "Come On Command" Conditioning Process!
* How to Channel and Boost Your Own Sexual Power and Stamina In The Bedroom!

Will be $95, register TODAY, and come for just $59!!!

Register now...http://www.1shoppingcart.com/SecureCart/SecureCart.aspx?mid=0DF4769E-2EFC-4A75-BDD2-53EDFBA54D6A&pid=26a66f7c605433a60049e1c08042755eshapeimage_6_link_0
1 Day "DAYGAME DESIGN” Bootcamp!

Approach Assertiveness and Closing Conditioning!

San Francisco: Sunday August 15th
San Diego: Sunday August 29th

If you want to be the kind of man who's more than just "The pickup guy", and learn how to NATURALLY and FREELY connect with women ANYWHERE...

In traffic, while commuting, parking your car, elevators, escalators, lines, while running errands, ANY PLACE AND TIME you see women!

Come enjoy an ASTONISHING DAY with me and the trainers (limited to only 8 participants), and we'll help you build your approach muscles in such a pleasant way, you wont have to "Get yourself to do it" it will happen by itself! BUT, these bootcamp are so helpful, they sell out by themselves!