1 Day "DAYGAME DESIGN” Bootcamp!

Nov 8th and 9th. 2008Bootcamps,_CA_files/Ulitimate%20pickup%20boot%20camp%20copy.jpg

Approach Assertiveness and Closing Conditioning!

San Francisco: Sunday August 15th
San Diego: Sunday August 29th

If you want to be the kind of man who's more than just "The pickup guy", and learn how to NATURALLY and FREELY connect with women ANYWHERE...

In traffic, while commuting, parking your car, elevators, escalators, lines, while running errands, ANY PLACE AND TIME you see women!

Come enjoy an ASTONISHING DAY with me and the trainers (limited to only 8 participants), and we'll help you build your approach muscles in such a pleasant way, you wont have to "Get yourself to do it" it will happen by itself! BUT, these bootcamp are so helpful, they sell out by themselves!

Will be $299, early bird special JUST $99 before June 1st! Click here to register today and save $200.

What we'll help you with:

- We first do 4 hours in our conference room, watching footage, drilling, practicing, writing, so you feel fully prepared by the time we go to the field.

Seminar segment:

- Inner Game portion: We'll help you find resourceful feeling to rely on in the field. To create new frames so your state is independent from women's responses.

- Drills segment: We'll do mock situations, help you with your delivery, body language, vibe, and improvisation to easily continue conversations.

- Pre-infield preparation: We'll help you break down your approach into  simple small steps to feel super at ease. Then run the whole sequence from opening to number closing or insta-dates and kiss closes in less than 5-10 minutes.

The in filed segment: 

- We'll make it super fun, create an incredible group dynamic, and start to be very social with everyone. We'll demonstrate for you, then put you in sets and help you take it further and further with each new set.

We'll also answer any questions and cover more phone game, attraction techniques, how to get more sexual, setting up day twos etc.

Will be $299, early bird special JUST $99 before June 1st! 
Click here to register today and save $200.